Fran and Paul Fookes

Fran and Paul have been passionate cooks for 40 years, and since living in Gulgong full time, have crafted award winning jams, sauces, butters, chutneys and relishes. The passion to produce the best products is tested annually at the Gulgong Show.

Fran and Paul’s product

They also try to sustainably manage their environment. Their home is compressed earth construction and off the power grid. To ensure that an authentic home-made product is created, they generally grow their own, or source locally, the raw ingredients and make batches of between 4 and 7 jars………..  They use only fresh rain water and their own free-range chook eggs. No two batches are the same. It is a labour of love with some products taking 1-2 days to complete because of the preparation requirements, of which Fran is the master. Paul admits to him being the chief stirrer.

These products have developed repeat custom and high praise. Paul and Fran are quick to point out that not all products will be available all year because of the season availability of fruit and vegetables.

Each product has its own story and the list of ingredients, food values and other notes are available at the point of sale.   Enjoy!!