Kay Cutler

Gulgong artist, blending tranquillity with diverse mediums

Meet Kay, an artist who has found her home and inspiration in the vibrant community of Gulgong, where she has resided for the past two years. Originally from Bathurst, Kay’s artistic journey has been a dynamic exploration of various mediums and styles, reflecting her ever-evolving passion for self-expression.

Kay’s artistic roots extend back to her role as a resident potter at the Japanese Gardens in Cowra. However, family commitments steered her in a new direction, and it was eight years ago that she embarked on a captivating exploration of the Art world. This decision marked a turning point, rekindling the creativity that had been dormant since relinquishing her potting career,  opening the doors to a realm of possibilities.

Starting with watercolours, then progressing to pen and ink, a love of perspective arose, which offered a way to expand into line drawings and sketching of old historical buildings. From there, the “call of the oils” emerged, bringing a new passion – palette knife work on canvas. This presented in an impressionistic style of work, which harmonised well with her love of form, perspective and colour.

Beyond buildings and landscapes, Kay’s artistic heart extends to the animal kingdom. Her love of animals has blossomed into a specialization in pet portraiture in watercolours. People wanting to eternalise their beloved pets, have commissioned her to reproduce their image on paper.

In her daily life, Kay embraces a serene and mindful existence. She meditates daily and practices Reiki, finding solace in the simple joys of a quiet, relaxed lifestyle. Accompanied by her two furry companions, Kay lives a contented life, deeply grateful for the gift of creativity and the freedom to express individuality.

Palette knife painting

Blue Wren watercolour painting

Pet portrait