Discover the Essence of Local Art and Craft at The Gallery Gulgong

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of creativity at The Gallery Gulgong, a captivating haven nestled within the heart of Gulgong’s treasured heritage buildings. As an artists’ cooperative, we showcase a rich tapestry of local talent, offering an exquisite array of fine art, photography, handmade dolls, ceramics, jewellery, fragrant soy wax candles, textiles, woodwork, handcrafted cards, and an enticing selection of local jams, marmalades, and honey.

A proud supporter of the esteemed Gulgong Arts Council  Une[art]hed Competition and Exhibition 2023, The Gallery Gulgong stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering artistic expression and community engagement.

The Gulgong region boasts a renowned legacy of potters, artisans, and craftspeople, creating an artistic resonance that echoes through the ages. Set against the backdrop of the Gold Rush era, Gulgong’s origins infuse the town with a rich historical spirit. With approximately 130 buildings classified under the National Trust, Gulgong invites you to partake in a journey through time, offering an array of captivating experiences. Delve into the town’s storied past by exploring its historic sites, indulging in wine-tasting adventures, and immersing yourself in the wealth of knowledge housed within its museums (see quick links).

Visit The Gallery Gulgong and embark on a voyage of artistic inspiration, where each piece tells a story. Whether you’re a local looking for something special or a visitor wanting to take home a piece of Gulgong’s creative soul, we invite you to experience the diverse range of talents on display at The Gallery Gulgong.


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Thurs, Fri, Sat , Sun and now Mondays – 9.30am – 4.00pm

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What’s new!

New watercolours by Sue Nichols

Butcherbird – watercolour on roo-poo paper
Joey in long grass – watercolour on roo-poo paper

Creations for your fairy garden

Handmade olive oil soaps


Trudy’s tie-dyed T-Shirts, silk scarves & jewellery

Sue’s new range of soy candles 

Soy wax candle

Soy wax candles

Annette’s new creations


Fran’s fantastic jams


Watercolours by Sue Nichols

See our fantastic gift ideas!

…we also have handcrafted cards and we can wrap your gift!

We have a great range of hand-poured fragrant soy wax candles and melts

We take special orders for weddings and other special events … contact us for more info!

Are you a talented artist based in the Gulgong area?

Do you seek a platform to exhibit and offer your art or crafts for sale, be it paintings, pottery, jewellery, woodworking, leathercraft, and more?

At The Gallery Gulgong, we operate like an artist cooperative, dedicated to spotlighting the creativity of our local and regional artisans. This could be the perfect avenue to gain exposure for your creations!

If this piques your interest, we eagerly await your communication. Feel free to reach out to The Gallery Gulgong to explore this opportunity!