Kay Binns

Artisan Potter Embracing Rustic Beauty

Kay’s journey into the world of pottery began when she embraced the ‘back to the earth’ movement and settled into the tranquil embrace of the bush. Over the years, her passion for this timeless craft has only grown stronger. Her commitment to mastering her art led her to pursue several years of TAFE study in ceramics, deepening her understanding of the medium.

As a ‘self-sufficient’ potter, Kay’s hands shape a diverse array of functional items, from bowls and mugs to jugs that grace the everyday lives of those who use them. However, she also finds creative joy in sculpting pieces that convey various themes close to her heart.

Fuelled by her artistic drive, Kay’s gas kiln breathes life into both earthenware and stoneware, bearing witness to her creative versatility. Her work is characterized by a rustic allure, capturing the essence of nature’s imperfections and the beauty of the handmade.

For Kay, pottery isn’t just about crafting objects; it’s about a labour of love. She infuses each piece with a part of herself, and her hope is that those who acquire her creations will find the same joy in using them as she did in making them. With every bowl, mug, and sculpture, Kay’s artistry encapsulates a genuine passion for the craft and an enduring connection to the earth.

Banjo sculpture