Christina Tomlinson

Capturing Nature’s Palette

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes between historic Gulgong and Goolma lies Christina’s home studio at Two Mile Flat. A local artist, she finds her inspiration in the splendid hues of nature that surrounding her.

With a heart brimming with creativity, Christina has a multitude of passions that she wholeheartedly pursues. From wielding paintbrushes to crafting intricate jewellery, preserving memories through scrapbooking to the meditative art of sewing, her artistic repertoire is extensive.

As an artist, Christina’s canvas knows a range of mediums: watercolour, ink, acrylic, pen and wash. Among these, watercolours have captured her heart. Their fluidity allows her to breathe life into her art, particularly in the vibrant hues that adorn the plumage of Australia’s native birds. With each stroke of the brush and every delicate piece of jewellery, she weaves a tapestry of beauty, passion, and the breath-taking essence of the world around us.