Sue Nichols

Passion: Watercolour Artist, Photographer

Role: Owner of The Gallery Gulgong

About Me: I am a devoted admirer of the Australian landscape and nature, and my artistic expression revolves around capturing its beauty through watercolours. The luminous quality of watercolours perfectly portrays the sparkle, depth, and reflections in water, which frequently feature in my artwork. My love for photography complements my artistic pursuits, with framed prints and cards available at The Gallery Gulgong.

Artistic approach: My watercolour paintings focus on the captivating interplay between water and land, showcasing the luminosity unique to this medium. Through the brushstrokes, I aim to convey the serene and vibrant qualities of the landscape, inviting viewers to appreciate the wonder of nature.

Community involvement: I am a member of the Gulgong Arts Council, whose workshops and exhibitions promote artistic dialogue and collaboration. I support the Arts Council’s endeavours to foster an appreciation for the transformative power of art within our community.

The Gallery Gulgong: As the owner of The Gallery Gulgong, I am committed to providing a space for local artisans to showcase their craft. I invite fellow artists to reach out if they are interested in sharing their art and craftworks with a wider audience. The Gallery serves as a platform for creative minds to connect and flourish.

Photographic perspective: In addition to watercolours, I am passionate about photography, freezing captivating moments in time. The Gallery Gulgong features a selection of my framed prints and cards, offering viewers an alternative lens through which to experience the Australian scenery.

Recognition: My art has been featured in local and regional exhibitions, recognized for its evocative depiction of the Australian landscape. With each piece, I strive to share my connection with the subject and inspire others to form their own unique bonds with the world around them.

Kookaburra painting

Custom Artwork: Feel free to reach out to me for additional information if you’re considering a watercolour painting of your residence or property. I use high-grade watercolour paints renowned for their vividness, vibrancy, and enduring pigments. These paints are known for their exceptional brilliance, permanence, and colour intensity. My canvas of choice is the finest watercolour paper, composed of 100% cotton fibre. Whether you provide photographs or arrange a personal visit (depending on location), I can bring your vision to life through my artistry.

Cottage painting

I also hand-craft fragrant soy wax candles in re-purposed objects like vintage teacups and crystal bowls.

Candle in crystal trinket box