Fran and Paul Fookes

Crafters of Culinary Delights

With a culinary journey spanning four decades, Fran and Paul have nurtured their passion for cooking into an art form. Settling into the welcoming embrace of Gulgong, their culinary prowess has evolved into a remarkable repertoire of award-winning jams, sauces, butters, chutneys, and relishes.

Their commitment to excellence is put to the test annually at the Gulgong Show, where their dedication to producing the finest products shines through. However, their devotion extends beyond the kitchen – Fran and Paul are avid stewards of their environment. Their home, a testament to sustainable living, is an off-grid, compressed earth structure. It’s a harmonious blend of innovative architecture and conscious living.

In the heart of their culinary creations lies the desire for authenticity. They source local, grow their own, and meticulously select each raw ingredient to ensure that every batch is a genuine, homemade masterpiece. This devotion extends to their water source as well – only the purest rainwater finds its way into their creations, and their free-range chook eggs lend a touch of wholesome goodness.

Crafting each small batch is a labour of love, often taking 1-2 days because of the careful preparation that Fran masterfully orchestrates. As for Paul, he playfully admits to the role of “chief stirrer,” adding a dash of charm to their culinary alchemy.

Their creations, now beloved by a host of repeat customers, are a testament to their dedication. Fran and Paul humbly acknowledge that the availability of their products is dictated by the rhythm of the seasons, honouring the natural ebb and flow of the produce they work with.

Each product is a symphony of flavours, carrying with it a unique story and a list of ingredients that speaks to its essence. At the point of sale, the narrative and nutritional value of each creation are readily available. So, step into their world of culinary wonders, and relish in the heart and soul that Fran and Paul pour into every jar.

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